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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Commander Naddeo (ipn) 75DSPUSS Missouri (BB-63)[2:22:10]
Commander Naddeo (ipn) 75DSPUSS Enterprise (CV-6)[2:22:8]
Commander Naddeo (ipn) 75DSPMoon[2:22:8m]
Commander Naddeo (ipn) 75DSPUSS Massachusetts (BB-59)[2:22:9]
Commander Naddeo (ipn) 79DSPUSS Franklin (CV-13)[3:22:8]
Commander Naddeo (ipn) 79DSPMoon[3:22:8m]
Commander Naddeo (ipn) 79DSPColony[3:22:9]
Commander Naddeo (In) 101DSPUSS Intrepid (CV-11)[4:22:8]
Commander Naddeo (In) 101DSPColony[4:22:9]
Fearless Energy (in) 59DSPBONE CRUSHER[2:217:13]
Fearless Energy (in) 59DSPSPINAL TAP[2:217:13m]
Fearless Energy (in) 59DSPDEATH[2:217:14]
Fearless Energy (in) 59DSPAFTERLIFE[2:217:15]
Typhoon (n) 44DSPDIRTY DEEDS[3:68:4]
Typhoon (n) 44DSPRun Ya Fat Bastard[3:68:4m]